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Send in Gooigi. Have him pick up the bucket and drop it in the well to make a ghost appear. Defeat the ghost and grab the full bucket of water to take to Studio 2 through the TV portal. Take the bucket of water we got from Studio 1 and put it onto the set. Turn on the Camera and use Gooigi to pour water on the sprout next to the watch tower. This causes a ladder to grow. As pour the water on the sprout ghosts will spawn in.

Gloves: A Paranormal Short by Ellen C. Maze

Take them out and grab the torch. Head to Studio 3 with torch in hand. Studio 3 can be found just above Studio 4. On this set there is a number of flaming buildings. These buildings are our flame source. Turn on the camera and send in Gooigi. Take out the enemy ghost that appear use your Plunger to rid them of their equipment first. Place the lit torch on the stage in Studio 4 and jump behind the camera.

Use Gooigi to open the box with his Plunger. Upon opening the box a giant spider will emerge. Torch the spider then torch its webs to get at the Megaphone it was holding. Take the Megaphone and give return it to Morty. When you enter this area you will film a short movie. This short movie is the boss fight.


To defeat the boss in this area you need to shoot the large orbs back at him using blow from your vacuum. As you deal damage the orbs will become harder to send back so you will need to use Gooigi and Luigi together. The final time you send back an orb you will need to complete a short QTE.

Do this then take out the ghost to get the Elevator Button 9. We are all human and we all get ill — sometimes with minor issues and on other occasions to an extremely serious degree. The ones that intrigue me, though, are those where the condition has come on in the immediate aftermath of a paranormal encounter. As in hours — or, at most, a few days.

A perfect example is that of Albert Bender, the guy who pretty much kicked off the whole Men in Black mystery in the early s. Bender was terrified by the warnings of the MIB, who told him to quit Ufology. Or else. As it turned out, it took several threats and creepy encounters before Bender finally heeded the words of the terrible trio. When all of this was going down, Bender went down too: with head-splitting migraines, severe stomach pains, faintness, and issues with his short-term memory.

Was all of this due to the fear that had been instilled in Bender? Or, had he somehow been supernaturally infected? Who knows? In early , I spoke with an Englishman named Robbie Carter. In August , he had a somewhat similar experience after an encounter with what sounds like one of the aforementioned Shadow People. Needle points of pain hit her on her toes, her chest, even her neck.

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Cory could feel her body start to swell as the venom worked its way into her system. Large, warm hands were on her shoulders, gently shaking her. Trish blinked, but everything looked blurry. Swaying her head from side to side, her eyes were able to focus on the blond man leaning over her, his brows drawn together with concern. Detective Holdman had a glass of water ready for her. With trembling hands, she accepted the drink and sipped at it while glancing around the conference table.

Can you find the rubber glove among the chickens?

Valerie Clemmings, an FBI profiler, was studying her with interest while Holdman and Crandle sat on either side of Trish with silent support. Taking a fortifying breath, Trish cleared her throat. They had venom that caused a burning sensation as soon as their fangs made contact. No stars, no shadows, nothing. The visions were always so intense, so vivid.

It was the only time she experienced such strong emotions. Sometimes it was hard to believe that she had been sitting in the fluorescently lit room at the police station that whole time. Valerie broke the silence. Trish pulled some of her dark hair over her shoulder to hide a smile.

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Obviously, this guy has some issues with brunettes with a similar build. My guess is that his mother has similar features. He was sitting to the right of Trish, picking at his yellowed teeth, like he always did when craving a cigarette.

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The victim was stabbed five times in her vagina. The memory of that vision was still fresh. She continued to have nightmares about it even though the vision was months ago. All of these murders are different. She was reported missing a week ago. The last vision had been more than unsettling. Blowing out softly, Trish shook her head and pulled out the wallet. She felt the soft texture of leather between her fingers…. She needed to wake up.


Forcing herself to open her eyes, she saw a single light bulb hanging from a string on the ceiling. Debbie was lying on a bare mattress on the floor. Only wearing underwear, her skin felt a little sticky and it gave off a strange, sweet smell. Through growing hysteria, her memory clicked into place. Scanning the bare, windowless walls, she spotted a door with a removed doorknob. Getting up slowly, she walked over to inspect it. The place where the knob should have been was filled with cement.

The hinges were on the other side, and getting out looked impossible. A sob escaped from her and the brunette stepped back. A sickly crunch echoed throughout the empty room as she felt something squish under her foot.