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The issues that arise during the process of students training in the class of complicated physic methods of analysis are outlined. It is demonstrated that significant portion of those issues may be resolved by means of conventional universal software solutions specialized for the named area.

One of such solutions called X-Energo is described with description of the main ideas of this package dealing with the possibilities of simulation of X-ray fluorescence spectrometers of different types and determination of analytical characteristics of element analysis of different stuff on such devices. X-Energo provides software realizations of the adequate, efficient, detailed models for different components and the whole X-ray fluorescence spectrometer as well as the diversified tools for data acquisition, processing and interpretation.

Keywords : X-ray fluorescence analysis, universal software simulation complex, X-ray fluorescent spectrometers, energy dispersive spectrometer, modified method standard background. This paper introduces and proves mathematically strictly the expressions how to recalculate the coordinates and the velocities of the charged particle when the trajectory intersects with the boundary of the jump of electric and magnetic fields with a weak singularity.

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Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics

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