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Unlike millions of mixed-race Mexicans — mestizos — the president is almost entirely of Spanish descent, whose grandparents emigrated from Asturias and Cantabria in northern Spain. The Spanish sacked the city two years later and proceeded to convert the indigenous populations to Catholicism.

His indigenous mistress, La Malinche, is still seen as a traitorous figure — with her name forming the epithet malinchista , someone who prefers the foreign to the domestic. Spain has shown little contrition about its colonial past. The circuit is not known to produce copious amounts of overtaking, despite the long straights.

Originally, the Formula 1 circuit changes were not instituted for MotoGP; however, after a fatal crash in the MotoGP round involving a Moto2 rider, the Formula 1 layout was implemented to slow down riders for safety purposes. The FIM made a further change to the chicane for by moving up the chicane to prevent riders from cutting the pit lane entrance, but that was abandoned because the motorcycle chicane had a surface change that created more safety issues with the transition.

Further changes were made to the circuit in December as grandstands were removed to add additional runoff that allowed the FIM to eliminate that chicane although the Turn 10 hairpin was kept.

Barcelona World Race 2007-08

The track is demanding of a car's aerodynamic qualities. It is then hard [ according to whom? A given tyre compound can work well when tested, but not so well a couple of months later. These changeable conditions can make for unexpected performances from some teams during the race.

Spanish team Mutua Madrileña 4th in the Barcelona World Race

The changeable wind conditions have also caused accidents at the circuit, with Fernando Alonso 's testing accident in partly blamed on the severity of the wind. Originally the layout was the same as Formula One, but in the La Caixa turn was modified; the motorcycles used the old version, and they also ignored the shorter Europcar turn and RACC chicane.

The F1 layout was implemented originally in following the fatal accident of Luis Salom in Europcar on 3 June race control switched to the F1 circuit for qualifying and the race on 5 June On 15 December , the FIM announced the change was permanent by announcing plans for a chicane ahead of the current car chicane.

However, during the race, the new chicane was deemed dangerous by riders because of a surface change, and the car chicane was used during that event. After changes to the track in the off-season including removing grandstands in Turn 12 in creating additional runoff and a complete repaving of the circuit, the F1 layout from , including the new La Caixa hairpin instead of sweeper, will be used, eliminating the chicane.

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The World RX of Spain uses parts of the track near turns 11—15, with two additional gravel sections. Turn 1 is the main overtaking point at Catalunya, as it is a braking zone at the end of a long DRS straight. The inside and outside are equally difficult for overtaking; drivers who can hold the line around the outside of turn one, can get the inside line for turn two.

Turn 3 Renault [9] is a long, flat-out in most cars right-hander that has a g-force of about four, [9] and it leads to a short straight before turn 4, the Repsol [9] curve.

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  4. Turn 5 Seat [9] comes immediately after and is a slow left-hander taken in second gear which drops rapidly downhill towards the left kink of turn 6 which is ignored by F1 cars. Turns 7 and 8 make up a medium-speed, uphill, left-right chicane.

    Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

    Drivers brake and shift down to gear three, and must not run too wide as turn eight has a large kerb on its apex which could potentially damage cars' suspensions. Turn 9, Campsa Corner, is a very fast, sixth-gear right-hander which is made incredibly difficult by being completely blind drivers cannot see the apex on approach.

    It is initially quite steep uphill but the exit is then downhill, so it is quite easy to run wide onto the astroturf. Good traction is needed here as it determines speed down the pit straight. The circuit has been the site of some memorable moments. In , Ayrton Senna and Nigel Mansell went down the entire front straight side-by-side while dueling for second place, with Mansell eventually taking the position and ultimately the race itself.


    In , Schumacher took his first win as a Ferrari driver, after a dominant performance during a torrential rainstorm. The race was notable as there was only one reported overtaking move during the race. This article examines the final section of the debate. That thought opened the debate on the sporting consequences of the adoption of ice gates as a measure to improve safety when sailing in the Southern Ocean.

    In both regattas skippers expressed their discontent with the gate system citing different arguments. In the Barcelona World Race the initial position of the gates was modified during the regatta to a more northerly position and there were some complaints that provisions had been calculated with little room for manoeuvre and the theoretical route had been lengthened. However, the main objections focussed on changes to navigation; the gates altered the initial strategy with respect to the Southern Ocean squalls and forced the boats to deal with unusual conditions for these areas, with more close-hauling and sudden storms as they were closer to the warmer waters to the north.

    This is one of the issues the Race Directors come up against when they modify the gates according to the ice alerts received.

    Barcelona - Wikipedia

    Once the first boat has crossed the gate it can no longer be modified, in order to be fair to all participants in the fleet. In the Atlantic Ocean that might be enough, but in the Pacific, with the leaders rounding Cape Horn Chile , there may be a difference of over a month with the yacht at the tail end of the fleet, and that is enough time for the ice to move again significantly. The gates can be more or less of an obstacle according to their positioning and the weather data for a particular moment.

    They provide more reference points and more gybes and tacks which must be carried out with even more precision.