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This drives her to write about her experiences of Imber village, first in as a child, when it was taken over for the war effort by the army, and where her father was stationed, destined to never return home and later in , when she and Harry investigate paranormal happenings, horrors, and ghosts. Promises made by the army and the government that the village would be returned fail to materialise making it a highly political and volatile issue.

A significant visit to Brixton Picture Palace to explore the odd goings on there lead to Sarah and Harry meeting coincidentally. Sarah has left Harry's employ and their personal relationship led to consequences that have her feeling haunted and guilty.

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Vernon Wall, a journalist despised by Harry, is instrumental in getting Sarah and Harry into Imber to help the army in some confidential investigations. There has been the terrible burning of Sergeant Gregory Edwards, and the haunted sounds of the cries of children and women, and more on the site, heard by soldiers which has the army worried. They want nothing to impede the annual visit to Imber church service at St Giles by the grieving and resentful villagers, seen as a crucial PR exercise.

There are the ghostly sightings of a young badly nourished boy, also summoned through seances led by a trusted army man, Sidewinder. The ghost boy is the dead son of Oscar Hartwell, a man who lost all 4 of his children. Hartwell used to be the local bigwig of Imber living in the large house, now used as kill house in army training.

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He is the central focus and leading light for the campaign to return Imber. As Sarah and Harry investigate, they uncover horrors and evidence that practically has arch sceptic Harry Price convinced that the paranormal and ghosts exist. For Sarah, Imber village takes her back to the past and a truer understanding of exactly who she is.

The author does take some liberties but essentially this novel is based on fact. Neil Spring has written an atmospheric ghost story located in a lost village where feelings naturally run high amongst former locals. What I really loved was the character of Sarah Grey, a woman with a strong interest in the supernatural, visited by visions, or possibly hallucinations, in love with Harry Price but knows his marriage forbids a relationship between them.

Through the course of the novel Sarah is on a journey that reveals so much about her complicated identity and she is instrumental in arriving at the truth. This is a wonderful and thrilling tale of the ruthless in humanity, ghosts and the paranormal. Highly recommended. Many thanks to Quercus for an ARC. View all 22 comments. I found The Ghost Hunters to be pretty awesome, but this book was fabulous! I was thrilled to learn that the Ghost Hunters would get a sequel and I was even more thrilled when I got the book to read.

And, what a book. From the first page was I hooked and the story kept its hold on my wall the way until the end. You don't have to read the first book, to read this one, but I would recommend you do that to get to know Sarah Grey and Harry Price from the start, how they met, how Sarah started to wor I found The Ghost Hunters to be pretty awesome, but this book was fabulous!

You don't have to read the first book, to read this one, but I would recommend you do that to get to know Sarah Grey and Harry Price from the start, how they met, how Sarah started to work for him and what went wrong. The Lost Village is a captivating tale. I was curious to learn what the connection between Sarah and the village. And, is Imber really haunted?

And, what has the movie theater that is said to be haunted to do with everything? Is there some connection between the movie theater and the village?

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Sarah and Harry reunite to solve the mystery of Imber. But, their past is between them and the village is not a very peaceful place. This case could be the end of them Neil Spring is a very talented writer and I sure hope that he will write at least one more book about Sarah and Harry. Although, to get this one was more than I hoped for and it was very bittersweet to turn the last page. It's an extraordinary tale and I recommend it warmly! I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy through NetGalley for an honest review!

Oct 18, Sara rated it liked it Shelves: mystery-thriller , fiction , historical-fiction , arc. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The perfect accompaniment to a chilly October evening, The Lost Village blends together fact and fiction to form a creepy tale filled with ghosts and long-forgotten memories. Most of the action is centered on the 'lost village' of Imber. Found on the Salisbury Plains, many years ago soldiers forced the inhabitants out to use it as a military base in the first World War.

Once a year the inhabitants are allowed back to visit former lov I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Once a year the inhabitants are allowed back to visit former loved ones buried in the churchyard. However, mysterious ghostly sightings that have driven the soldiers mad, and rumors of the church bells ringing on their own have started to occur in Imber, with many inhabitants claiming it's the former inhabitants rearing up to reclaim their forgotten village. Only Harry Price and his former assistant Sarah Grey can unravel the truth.

Is this an elaborate hoax? Or the work of the undead? After a brief prologue involving an elderly Sarah and a ghostly visitation, we jump straight into the action with a younger Sarah investigating the Brixton picture house, which has a notorious reputation for ghost sightings.

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I found myself feeling as though I was there with Sarah as she explores the dark rows of seats, and there's an almost palpable tension created as she realises that the 'ghost light', usually left on by the last employee to leave on an evening, is switched off. This opening scene was a great introduction to the overall feel for the rest of the novel, which was deeply atmospheric, creepy and filled with paranormal activity.

The plot itself, where we find Harry and Sarah in Imber, is fast paced, with plenty of twists and turns to keep me guessing until the end. Just when I thought I'd figured something out or solved a mystery, the author threw something unexpected in, which kept me on my toes and allowed me to really enjoy this. It's not often I'm taken by surprise by a story-line, and I was pleasantly surprised.

I also liked how the plot all linked together - from the picture house to Imber and the elderly Sarah we see at the beginning. It was cleverly done, and showed that all aspects of the story had a purpose and were thoughtfully considered. It's acutely apparent that Sarah is in love with Harry, but regrets from her past prevent her from acting on this.

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She also knows just how deeply under Harry's spell she is, and hates herself for it. I loved that aspect of her character.

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  • I also liked the fact that the author does not try to present Sarah as anything other than what she is - she feels like a 'proper' person from her time period. There's no 'modern' ideologies, which is great, and nothing about her feels forced. Harry is more complicated a character. As we only see things from Sarah's perspective, it's hard to get a grasp on who he really is and how he feels about Sarah.

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